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ECOTERRAZZO™  by Epoxy Solutions

ECOTERRAZZO™ by Epoxy Solutions, has a smooth seamless surface that is uninterrupted by unsightly expansion strips. Its cementitious matrix is self hydrating and therefore will not shrink or crack. ECOTERRAZZO™ is designed to self level and encapsulate decorative aggregates of any type. ECOTERRAZZO™  is specifically formulated to maximize the brilliance of chemical stains or integral colour.

ECOTERRAZZO™  can be polished to a high gloss granite like finish, or can be sealed using a super clear cyclo-aliphatic (non ambering) epoxy that is solvent free for a virtually maintenance free floor. Standard terrazzo uses several layers of wax as the wear surface, which deteriorate rapidly and require ongoing stripping and waxing. The cost savings of this pays for the floor in 5 years.

ECOTERRAZZO™  is ideal for retail stores, malls, office corridors, entranceways, showroom floors, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and nearly anywhere a unique creative long lasting floor is desired. ECOTERRAZZO™  can easily withstand continual foot or vehicular traffic. ECOTERRAZZO™  is specifically designed for fast track installation and resurfacing of horizontal surfaces. ECOTERRAZZO™  can be installed over plywood sub floors, properly prepared concrete, ceramic tile, VCT and even old terrazzo floors.

The economical benefit, the savings on maintenance plus the quick turnaround time, make ECOTERRAZZO™  an ideal candidate for new construction or renovation projects.