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Epoxy Solutions™ has 2 types of coatings in this field. Conductive and ESD.

ESD is a slow dissemination of static electricity that builds up in many electronic facilities and can be passed on to the delicate electrical components during the manufacturing process. The antistatic ESD flooring adds an enhanced layer of protection to the manufacturing of these delicate electronic components.

CONDUCTIVE flooring is the fast release of this same electronic charge and is often combined with non-sparking aggregates to be known as Explosion Proof Flooring, which is perfect for the storage of explosive materials like solvents or fine particulates or during their manufacturing of them.

Our Anti-Static systems can be installed quickly, safely and easily. They are applied over any concrete where the risk assessment requires and greatly reduces the ongoing cost of maintenance These systems will not crack under heavy loads such as forklifts, movable test equipment or hospital beds. Depending on the nature of the facility’s operations,

All of our systems are waterproof, non-porous, easy-to-clean, and chemical and abrasion resistant. There is no better solution than an Epoxy Solutions™ solution for your flooring problem.