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Equally as important as the interior pool coating applied in your swimming pool is the surrounding pool deck, which should be treated for safety and durability. Your pool deck can truly make or break your outdoor getaway. Epoxy Solutions™ Miracote Pool Deck Coating systems are built to last and keep your space looking great; Concrete Restore will fill in those pesky cracks and scrapes detracting from your pool deck and pose a safety hazard to your family. The slip-resistant cementitious coating makes slips and falls much less likely while preventing new imperfections.

Freeze-thaw, seismic activity, building settlement and water intrusion severely affect exterior concrete. Epoxy Solutions™ can provide finishes that either restore the concrete surface to a “like new” appearance or provide an enhanced visual finish utilizing various colours and textures. These finishes are achieved using a polymerized cementitious protective coating and some artistic skill.

This coating is available in various textures to meet requirements for slip resistance for flat surfaces and ramps.


We will accurately specify the correct solutions for every environment. Our goal is to install the right tailor-made flooring solution for your facility that will deliver untold years of trouble-free service.