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Epoxy Solutions™ has the perfect textured finish you required. We can make the surface as smooth as glass or as textured as rough sandpaper. These textured finishes create a measurable slip resistance in flooring. In applications, such as in a commercial kitchen, an additional quartz, and or other media is added to the system or glaze coat giving it added slip resistance. Different applications require different levels of slip resistance. There is a fine balance between slip resistance and clean ability.

Epoxy Solutions™ has a texture for every application because nobody ever wants a hard to clean surface or one that is easily cleaned but unsafe when wet. It can be a coarse, pebbled, ribbed, but non-abrasive surface. In areas which will not be constantly wet, no additional grit is needed, as your floor will have non-slip properties from the natural texture of the product.

Epoxy Solutions™ identifies that every concrete surface is subject to unique operating and environmental conditions. We collaborate, with you the client, to gather all the necessary information and then combine that with our extensive years of experience to provide you with the best ‘tailor made’ solution for all your unique needs.