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Traffic toppings and specialty Epoxy Solutions™ coating systems can be applied to concrete surfaces to provide a seamless and monolithic waterproof and long lasting protective layer for both pedestrian grade walkways and vehicular grade driveways and ramps. A parking garage traffic topping system is designed to protect the underlying structure from water and road salt, which causes corrosion of the concrete and rebar.

In Canada’s cold climate, the traffic topping system also protects against de-icing products carried into the garage from vehicles. These chemicals are a particular enemy of the reinforcing steel embedded in the concrete.  When the chemicals reach the level of the steel, the material corrodes and expands, causing the concrete to crack. This leads to concrete deterioration and, if left alone, can result in serious safety concerns because it impairs the structural integrity of the structure.

 All of our systems are waterproof, non-porous, easy-to-clean, and chemical and abrasion resistant. There is no better solution than an Epoxy Solutions™ solution for your flooring problem.