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ESI 1000 MRBP (MOISTURE REDUCTION BARRIER PRIMER) is a two component 100% total solids epoxy moisture reduction primer formulated to reduce moisture vapour transmission in green or old concrete slab on grade substrates.

ESI 1000 MRBP can be applied at any time on new or deteriorating existing concrete floors. This reduces the waiting period before applying an epoxy, vinyl tiles, sheet goods or wood flooring system over concrete. ESI 1000 MRBP will reduce a moisture vapour emission rate of 15 pounds to approximately 3 pounds as per the Calcium Chloride Test and as per ASTM F3010.


  1. Dense surface resistant to bacteria, moisture and is easy to clean.
  2. May apply several layers onto itself with excellent adhesion.
  3. Contains no solvent with a very low VOC content (VOC = 88g/liters), allowing for interior application without harmful odors.
  4. Excellent adhesive properties allow application onto many different types of substrates.